New Age Store


6th house psychic was created for all individuals who need an extra hand to help, an extra ear to listen and an extra heart to heal. We dedicate our life in helping others spiritually, physically and mentally. We hope to help our community bring a conscious shift that will inspire others to open their minds to alternative healing modalities and spiritual guidance.

Our store is built on four foundations, which we call upon every time we sage our store. The first foundation we instill at 6th house psychic and our daily life is spirituality. We raise awareness to the importance of having a daily spiritual practice that helps all of us get in touch with our higher self. The second, Love. We believe that showing love for others and teaching self love will help guide us into a more happy fulfilled life. There is so much hatred in this world, by spreading love we hope to overcome this plaguing disease that affects us all. The third, Balance. We teach that having balance in all areas of our life is essential in bringing stability. Having too much of one thing or too little of something creates difficulties and leads into a unhealthy repetitive circle. The fourth, Abundance. We love to guide our clients into a more financially stable life. Helping others achieve prosperity creates an energetic flow of making others prosperous along the way.


Store Location

1211 W. Imperial Hwy ste 202 Brea Ca 92821



Monday- Friday 10-7pm

    Saturday- Sunday 12-6pm

(Special times available per request)