Psychic Readers

christopher casas


Also known as 'The Ancient Seer' and 'Psychic Therapist'. Before seeing a client, Christopher will meditate for an hour. Then the day of the session he will hold onto an object of yours and channel your past lives, peer into your past, present and future. Christopher is also a medium, and connects you to your loved ones and spirit guides. (Owner of 6th House Psychic)

cynthia klement

Our go to medium and spirit communicator. Cynthia has studied under well known mediums such as James Van Praagh, Tony Stockwell and Mavis Patilla. Her sessions are filled with total proof that the soul lives on! Cynthia is also in charge of our mediumship classes and psychic development workshops. 

bailey jones


Bailey is our amazing intuitive palm reader, while reading your palm she looks into past lives, relationships, career changes and health issues. Bailey is a strong believer in helping guide her clients through the art of chiromancy. Her gift of reading palms started since the age of 7. Bailey’s grandmother would teach her how to study and look into peoples lives through there hands. She is also gifted in tea leaf readings and is a very kind, loving reader.